Event & Group Parking Request

Event & Group Parking Request

Complete this form to request event or group parking accommodations in the Arena District.

Requests should be submitted three weeks prior to event date.

Please check Arenadistrictparking.com for major events prior to completing this form.

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Nationwide ArenaHuntington ParkNorth Bank ParkExpress Live!A&R Music BarThe BasementMcFearson CommonsOther

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Lot A-McConnell GarageLot C-Front Street GarageLot D-Chestnut Street GarageLot E-Vine Street LotLot F-Fletcher LotLot H-Brodbelt LotLot I-Marconi/Cinema GarageLot J-Arena CrossingLot K-Neil Avenue GarageLot R-Hocking LotLot S-600 W. Spring Street Lot

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